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It’s been a while since I wrote a blog! I guess you can say I been busy and distracted being creative. I been allowing my heart and soul to lead me, I been writing song’s, lot’s of poetry ( books will be coming down the pipeline later) drawing and painting.  I been working on a NEW product for writers called The ABC’s To Self-Publishing that is filled with so much juicy information, that if you want to become a author this year, be sure to grab that up. I am also finishing up my NEW forthcoming gratitude guidebook. I will be guesting on a radio show that you can tune in  HERE  on March 6th 7am PST to hear me speak about gratitude and the new book .  What I have been  learning from going with the flow and following my heart in the creative process is that its important live in the moment so here are a few ways you can implement creative ways to ignite your internal flame to  create a more passionate life. I notice I am creating from a more real and authentic place and what is coming out of me is more passionate, aware, conscious.  I am grateful.


Passionate people live in the moment so firstly.

Live life in the moment.

Passionate people put their whole heart and life force into what they are doing.

Pour yourself into what you are doing.

Passionate people can’t help but live authentic, there is no falsity in the fire.

Strip yourself of your mask and what you think people want you to be and be naked and live your truth.

Passionate people can’t help but get naked and vulnerable in their soul.

Get naked more. Period! Show us you. The real you!

Passionate people don’t have time to compare because they are consumed with what they are doing.

Dont’ compare yourself to anyone or compete with anyone just strive to be your best self and better then you were the day before.


I am officially coming back from my little sabbatical SOON. New post, new work, new books, new music, new website idea’s are burning in my soul and I am looking forward to lighting it all up for you again.


All Love xxoo,

















Today on MarieTV : Marie Cornelio Interviews Sean Patrick a.k.a The Guy Who Loves The Universe, listen as Sean shares his simple spiritual practice and views, information about his NEW book coming and the new documentary he is going to be with as well as youmitter.



This week Marie talks about enjoying your life, living in the moment, pausing from work, to do list and appreciate your family, friends and life more. To receive these email directly into your email sign up for my E-zine Be sure to share this video if you feel to do so, if it will help someone you know.

With Love and from my heart,


Marie Cornelio




There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


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I been so busy building my businesses and brands for the past three years. Writing books,  I am still writing I have so many, many, many projects brewing and to accomplish its all wonderful because I am In-spirit and I am grateful to get to do this wonderful work in the world and I know more is yet to come, many books, movies, music Cd’s, meditation Cd’s, lectures, events, retreats and so on. I am not done by any means actually I have only just begun. However, I am realizing life is more then just work.

So I am kinda savoring my time right now. I know when things PEAK they are gonna peak it will be non-stop. Yes, I am also enjoying being beautifully distracted. I have not really been this distracted in a beautiful way in at least 7 years. There are bad distraction( I am not talking about anything that would hinder your purpose)  and then there are ” Beautiful Distractions” I love beautiful distraction.

It’s wonderful to have goals and dreams. But, its equally important to enjoy life and allow yourself to enjoy the journey. Do that which nourishes your soul. We must allow life to unfold in its own magical and wonderful ways. Life is meant to enjoy and savor and find pleasure too. Not just work, work, work. I am talking to myself too ;)

Take more time off, go down that little road you always see and want to know where it would lead? Go to the vacation spot you have always longed for but can never make the time in your busy work schedule.

Talk to that person you been wanting to connect with if you were not so busy all the time. Life is happening all around you. Enjoy it. Spend more time with your family and friends and just hang out. Its summer time, chill. How about trying something new? Dive into a new hobby just for fun and the thrill of it. When was the last time you felt butterflies and was REALLY excited and had that alive feeling? Are you missing that feeling? Go for it, be wild, be free, allow yourself to enjoy life.

Allow yourself to get beautifully distracted.  In a beautiful way ♥

You will find out a little secret about beautiful distractions, when you allow yourself to enjoy life fully it will bring in NEW inspiration, glorious passion that will catapult you even further into your glorious future.

With all my Love & Gratitude,

Marie xo

On this week episode is a Interview with Best Selling Author Sera Beak, we are talking about her NEW book Red Hot & Holy – A Heretics Love Story. We talk about Soul Embodiment, Bless Tripping, Information Fast,  Sex plus more in this 56  min Interview. Here is link to the book HERE be sure to get your copy!


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I will not bow down and be a slave to attachment.

 I will not walk in the valley of fear.

 I will not ransom my soul for a dollar not even a million could bring me near.

 I will not bow down to mediocrity.

I will not drink from the cup of greed. I will not hustle the Holy Spirit.

I would not dare. I would not dare.

 I do not seek for vain glory.

 My place is with the humble and the free.

Truth is my light and my salvation.

 Love is my key, it opens every door before I get there.

 It is my destiny. I will not bow to any idols.

I will not bow in deceit.

I will not drink from the cup unforgiveness

 I will take the road less traveled.

If it means I can BE free.


©2013 Marie Cornelio

Reflections of a Mystic


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